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The Thief

Caleb Scherrer, (years 5-6)

It was midnight. Shadows slipped by. Pinpricks of light were strewn across the sky, while everything else was swallowed up…

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The Alley

Elise Nikkinen, years 7-9

New York, 1894 Six women are walking down a path cheering. The rights for women to vote is now official.

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Allegro Presto

Edith Barber, years 5-6

Sitting solemnly in his chair, he slowly butters his toast, hands shaking, barely able to hold the knife  securely. Dappled…

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The Hunter

Floyd Whitaker, yrs 7-9

Is it really seven o’clock already? Slowly opening my eyes, I look around my dark bedroom. The sun won’t be…

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Luisa Santucci, yrs 10-12

The front door is made of strong straight grained chestnut lumber and carries the characters ‘1726 FC’ etched deep into…

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