Monkey Business: A Story of Soulmates and Primates

25 July 2016 by Sam Smith

Almost 60 years ago, in the central African colony of the Belgium Congo, biomedical research into the prevention of polio started in earnest. Between 1957-1960, over a million Africans were conscripted into an experimental trial of the Oral Polio Vaccine, produced using chimpanzee kidneys.

Within twenty years, HIV/ AIDS had exploded onto the world stage. The competing theories for the Origin of AIDS have been the bush-meat or cut hunter hypothesis, and the Oral Polio Vaccine hypothesis. Two pillars of the scientific establishment, Science and Nature have championed the bush-meat theory of the origin of AIDS, whilst effectively boycotting any dissenting theories.

Despite litigation, defamation, and retraction of articles the iatrogenic (treatment) theory of the origin of AIDS just will not go away.

On the 14th January this year, Catherine Hogan and colleagues published the “Epidemic history and iatrogenic transmission of blood-borne viruses in mid-20th century Kinshasa”. This peer-reviewed research provides the first empirical evidence for a vaccine hypothesis for the origins of AIDS.

Monkey Business factionalizes this 20th Century cover-up by the Medical establishment, as our heroine Estelle Goldstein searches for the truth. Estelle’s father Sam is a pharmaceutical executive residing in Point Piper, and grandmother Esther a mad-cap bohemian psychic from Paddington. This dynamic provides a humorous foil to the serious meat of this romantic suspense, as the animals in research labs both in Australia and overseas carry the karmic debt of our addictive lifestyle choices.

Monkey Business is a plea for non-violence for all living beings.


Monkey Business: A Story of Soulmates and Primates is co-authored by Flavia Ursino and Kevin Coleman.
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Sam Smith