News & Editorial

21 September 2023

Not all people will be writers, but everyone is a storyteller. Long before pen and paper and keyboards and screens… people told stories. Out loud, and in the moment, with some being passed from mouth to ear for millennia. Stories are at the heart of being human, (we all know how it is to try telling students to stop talking!) and learning to tell a story well is a priceless life skill. In this fun, action-packed workshop – students will learn specific skills and techniques for crafting, remembering, voice work, characterisation, gesture, movement, and the presentation of a story. They will be given opportunities to develop confidence in public speaking and becoming more engaging storytellers!

Topics covered

  • Crafting stories to tell aloud
  • Techniques for exploring and memorising stories
  • Voice work
  • Creating characterisation through voice, gaze, and gesture
  • Movement
  • Overall presentation skills

Curriculum outcomes 

  • Thinking imaginatively, creatively and interpretatively
  • Expressing themselves
  • Performing Arts
  • Language, ideas and dramatic meaning
  • Mood and atmosphere

Sam Smith