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21 September 2023

Sarah will discuss where ideas come from, and the fun and hard work of being a full-time writer. Discussion of a book’s life from the first inkling of an idea to publication. Sarah will touch on the importance of setting and character in writing and how it informs her own writing. Using stories and photos, she will take students behind the scenes of a writer’s life.

Duration: 30 – 45 minutes
Please note this presentation can be delivered to large groups of up to 300 students.

Sam Smith


25 October 2021

Sarah’s workshops are very interactive and practical, and students will start writing straight away. She’ll teach them freewriting (her #1 tool) and brainstorming, and guide them in coming up with their own story idea and story plan. She will draw on examples from her own work and that of other writers in exercises on character, plot, setting and dramatic tension.

Sarah will hear some of the young writers read their work; she’s well known for her detailed, constructive feedback. There will be time for student questions throughout, and at the end. The 90 min option allows for more feedback and questions.

Duration: 60-90min
Suitable for small groups (up to 30 students)

Sam Smith